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Delight in Vegan Sweets with Original Candy Co

At Original Candy Co, we believe that everyone deserves to indulge in mouthwatering sweets.

That’s why we’ve curated a diverse range of vegan candies, from lollipops to fizzy gums, ensuring there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Dive into a Sweet and Whimsical World: Original Candy Co’s Vegan Jelly Sweets 

Get ready to embark on a delicious adventure with Original Candy Co’s delightful range of vegan jelly sweets. From fairies and unicorns, to sugary-coated veggies, our treats are sure to bring a smile to your face. Above all they also add a burst of flavour to your day.

Bag of Fairies and Unicorn Vegan Jelly Sweets:

Let your imagination soar with every bite of these enchanting jelly sweets shaped like fairies and unicorns. Bursting with fruity goodness and a touch of magic, they’re perfect for adding a sprinkle of joy to any moment.

Bag of Jelly Stars Vegan Sweets:

Reach for the stars and indulge in the sweet taste of these twinkling jelly stars. Each bite is a heavenly explosion of flavor that will leave you craving more.

Jar of Christmas Jelly Mix:

Embrace the festive spirit with a jar filled with a merry mix of Christmas-themed jelly sweets. From snowflakes to Santas, each piece is a delightful reminder of the holiday season’s joy and merriment.

Bag of Halloween Jellies Sweets:

Trick or treat yourself to a bag of Halloween-themed jellies that are as fun to eat as they are delicious. From pumpkins to bats, these sweets are sure to add a spooky touch to your festivities.

And for a unique twist, don’t forget to try our Sugared Carrot Jellies. These whimsical treats offer a playful take on a Bugs Bunny’s favourite treat, coated in sweet sugar for an extra burst of flavour. Whether you’re a veggie lover or simply looking for a fun and tasty treat, our sugared carrots are sure to delight your taste buds.

So go ahead, dive in, and let the magic of our treats brighten your day!

What sets our vegan sweets apart is not just their delectable taste, but also our commitment to using plant-based alternatives and natural ingredients. With our sugary concoctions, you can indulge guilt-free, knowing that you’re treating yourself to sweets that are not only delicious but also ethically sourced.

Let’s take a tantalizing tour through some of our most beloved vegan lolly offerings:

George & Peppa Pig Tutti Frutti Lollipops:

Delight in the whimsical world of Peppa Pig with these fruity lollipops bursting with tutti frutti goodness.

Mumbo Jumbo Raspberry Vegan Lolly:

Indulge in a jumbo-sized treat with these raspberry-flavoured vegan lollipops that are sure to make your taste buds dance.

Crocodile Lime Flavoured Vegan Lolly (Doc Croc):

Embark on a flavour adventure with Doc Croc’s zesty lime-flavoured lollipops, perfect for those craving a tangy twist.

Ryan Lion Lemon Lolly:

Roar with delight as you savour the refreshing taste of lemon in these adorable lion-shaped lollipops.

Fairy Lollipop Strawberry Flavour:

Enter a whimsical realm of magic and sweetness with these fairy-shaped lollipops, infused with delightful strawberry flavour.

Sugar-Free Lollipops:

For those watching their sugar intake, our sugar-free lollipops offer the perfect guilt-free indulgence without compromising on taste. Delight in three delicious flavours: Red Strawberry, Yellow Lemon and Orange – try them all!

Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion, satisfying a craving, or simply treating yourself to a sweet pick-me-up, Original Candy Co has you covered with our delectable range of vegan sweets. So why wait? Treat yourself to a taste sensation that’s as indulgent as it is compassionate. After all, life is too short not to enjoy the sweeter things in life—especially when they’re vegan-friendly!