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From handmade lollipops to traditional candy canes and everything in between.

Naturally sweet

Only natural ingredients, colours and flavours
used, creating the dreamiest candy for everyone

Delicious candy!

We are championing natural ingredients, colours and flavours in our confectionery, providing the dreamiest but natural candy for everyone. There’s so much to try from the classic Dolly Mixture to Fizzy Strawberry Jellies. You can buy jars of sweets, bags of sweets, lollipops galore in an array of shapes, colours and flavours, Jelly beans, and not to mention we are licensed to sell the official Harry Potter confectionery! We really do have everything you could think of.

Harry Potter Sweets

We are proud to supply the fun and imaginative Harry Potter chocolate and sweets. Indulge in the Wizarding World’s most delightful sweets and treats, from the famous Butterbeer bars and chewy candy, to the Chocolate Golden Snitch and annual Harry Potter Advent Calendar.

Harry Potter Barrel Tin of Butterbeer Chewy Candy

Would you like to sell our sweet confectionery?

We have great relationships with our trade customers who rely on us to provide them with luxury confectionery to their sweet toothed buyers. We always welcome new customers who will most certainly revel in our products.

Established in 1992, The Original Candy Company is privately owned and is based in Bourne End in Buckinghamshire, UK. We own two brands – The Natural Candy Shop and Chocca Mocca Chocolates. We are a market leader of natural confectionery in UK tourism and leisure industry selling to theme parks, museums, animal parks, stately homes, cathedrals, garden centres to name a few.

The Original Candy Company is well versed in all aspects of finest quality hard candy, from timeless classics like natural ingredient candy canes, candy sticks and round pops through to bespoke personalised treats. If you’d like to buy and sell our sweet sweet products please get in touch, we look forward to speaking with you!