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In today’s consumer-led times, all natural candy can no longer be seen as a once in a while public holiday treat.  These days ever evolving, far-reaching customer choice is king, which means finest quality candy enjoys authentic, all year round appeal.

Whether it’s merchandised as a nostalgic me-time treat, the perfect final reminder of a great day out, a festive gift or an impromptu surprise, well-merchandised candy harks back to an age when real sweets felt extra special.

Our candy has genuine presence, courtesy of the yesteryear impact provided by both our striking display stands and floor displays.  Irrespective of what space you have available, we can offer a number of classic yet flexible retail solutions.

Years of experience have taught us that thoughtful presentation is integral to our clients’ ongoing sales success, in terms of providing a real sense of range and an extra dash of colourful in-store theatre.

Natural Candy Stick Presentation Jar

Dimensions: 10.5cm wide, 10.5cm deep, 22cm high

These small jars are ideal for merchandising our candy sticks

Natural Candy Cane/Round Pop Jar

The larger jars are ideal for merchandising both candy canes and round pops.

Dimensions: 17cm diameter, 24cm high

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