Peppa Pig Lollipops

Welcome to the fantastically fruity world of Peppa Pig Lollipops. We’re  a proud licensed seller of these tasty treats. Enjoy the many luscious flavours to choose from.

Take your time to browse all our lollies. You’re bound to find your favourite sweetie. Discover candies to suit all tastes including a great vegan sweet range. If you’re a chocoholic, then be sure to spend some time looking at the wonderful treats on offer from Chocca Mocca too.

Did you know we’re also licensed to sell Harry Potter Sweets too!

  • Peppa Pig Tutti Frutti Lollipops

    George Pig Orange Tutti Frutti Lollipop

  • Strawberry Peppa Pig Lollipop

    Strawberry Pink Peppa Pig Lolly

  • Peppa Pig Lollipop in Raspberry flavour

    George Pig Raspberry Lollipop

  • Peppa Pig Strawberry Lollipops

    Red Strawberry Peppa Pig Lollipop